Uganda – Pop star and opposition front-runner Bobi Wine said on Monday, that he will challenge President Yoweri Musevein in upcoming 2021 elections.

The 37-year old told the Associated Press, “He will challenge the long-time President Museveni on behalf of the people.”

Wine, whose real name is Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, voiced his concern about his safety after surviving what he considers an attempt on his life last August. His driver was shot dead after an incidence which saw protesters throw stones at the president’s convoy.

“I live every day as it comes, not being sure of the next day”. Continuing that “he is not blind to the fact that the regime wants him dead as soon as possible.” Wine said he is fearful because “there has never been a threat to this regime like the threat we pose to it today as a generation.”

Ugandan authorities have continuously denied Wine is being targeted.

Wine, the leader of the popular movement “Power People” aims at replicating himself in various young men and women, so that there are many Bobi Wines as possible.

This outcome is possible. People want to see the end of Museveni who has been in power since 1986 and is set to seek a sixth term. But there are so many hitches, including limited opportunities to hold rallies or stage concerts. In recent times the police has frustrated his attempts to hold public events, firing bullets and tear gas. Authorities insist such actions are crucial if public order is to be maintained.

In 2017, Wine running as an independent candidate, won election as a lawmaker representing a constituency near Kampala. Since then, he has successfully campaigned for opposition candidates which enhanced his reputation national leader. There are now many who urge him to vie for president.

Wine faces treasonable charges arising from his alleged role in the incidence where the president’s motorcade was stoned. Prosecutors have also included in the charges offence of annoying the president and another that relates to alleged non-compliance of lawful orders. Wine will be illegible to vie for president if he were found guilty of any of those crimes. He denies all allegations.

We know the regime is going to do everything within their reach to prevent us from contesting”, he said.


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