There is almost no one who hasn’t heard about Tuface and his many “baby mama dramas.” It has been used by many comedians as punch lines and has almost always been in the news until very recently. Anyways the talented, multiple award winning singer who is viewed by many as a legend and inspiration has also been in depression at some point in his life.

Tuface and Annie grace December edition of Genevieve (

Tuface, fondly called “Tu Baba” by his numerous fans, graced the cover of lifestyle magazine Genevieve, December 2018 edition along with his beautiful wife, Annie. He spoke a lot about his career, marriage, and his many children.

The artist has seven children with three women and he said this led him to a state of depression which he tried hard to numb by turning to alcohol. In his interview with Genevieve he said, “Having so many children from different women at such a young age almost sent me into depression. I had to turn to drinking as i became a laughingstock and people called me names. Nobody cared that I was an artiste or that I had worked so hard.”

Tuface and his children (

Tuface has two kids with his wife Annie, three kids with Pero and two with Sumbo. Just last month Annie and Pero were in the news for settling the feud between them.

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