Beautiful view of the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is located in the South Pacific on the continent of Oceania. It houses over 992 islands with six (6) of them being large. Interestingly, about six hundred (600) of the islands are void of people. It is home to one of the most peculiar people in the world.

Their population is estimated to about 628,913 people as at 2018. A large portion of the people live in the capital, Honiara.

The Solomon Islands is an historical place. It was given its name on the belief that it could have been one of the places King Solomon got his gold for the building of his temple. This was dated as far back as 1300-1000BC.

The weather of the place is characterized by heavy rainfall especially at the mountain surroundings. Solomon Islands also has a temperate, equitorial climate.



Solomon  Islanders
Carnival Beauties
Cheerful little Fijans

The Islanders are 95% Melanesian, which includes the “black islands”; Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Western New Guinea. The remaining 5% is distributed into Micronesian, Polynesian, European and Chinese respectively.

A proportion (10%) of the Solomon Islanders as they are called, have unique physical features. They have beautiful dark and glowing skin and blonde hair. It was uncovered in 2012 in a gene study that the Solomons have a specific gene variation only peculiar to them.

Unique Melanesian


The culture of the people of Solomon Islands is one that is built on family, clan and kinship bonds. They believe in doing things together in a communal atmosphere in what is captured as “Kastom”!

They also feel it as a sense of duty to speak the same language. This is described as “Wantok”, meaning “One talk”. It is also worthy of note that they have no caste systems in their place. They are indeed peaceful people.

Their meals range from sea foods, breadfruits, ngali nuts, and canned tuna. Yams, panas, taros and rice (of recent) are their staple foods. It is interesting to know that they do not make use of many spices in the preparation of their meals with the exception of coconut milk.

Sea food Delight

Water is also the major drink taken with meals, especially in their ceremonial events!! How healthy!!! But, they also make green coconuts if requested for.

Papaya Chicken and Coconut milk

Most of the people engage in agriculture and fishing. They export their products to countries like Japan, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, South Korea, Thailand, Sweden, Singapore and the Netherlands.

Solomon  Islanders
Boat Market

Also, there is high regard for their women and senior citizens. They also believe in treating guests well by offering them the best meals, which comes first before any other thing.

The Duchess of Sussex on a visit to Fiji


The people of Solomon Islands are wonderful people with beautiful smiles and hearts. Their culture of togetherness is truly one to be envied and at the same time celebrated.

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