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Monday , 21 October 2019
Monica Veloz
Monica Veloz


The perfect pose, the perfect lighting, the perfect wardrobe with the perfect environment, all these and more are elements of the world of lifestyle bloggers.

I have always loved bloggers especially for the purpose of style inspiration and influence. As an illustrator, fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers are some of my go-to sources for my sketches.

So, I would like to shed some light on some black bloggers who are simply phenomenal. There are lots of them but  I’ll just stick with five for now.




It’s a Brown Skin Girl’s world in Kiitana’s kingdom and her smile is sure to light up your day.
Kiitana is a fashion and beauty blogger from Nigeria. She is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

One of her super powers is her amazing hairstyles. She is literally your one-stop for anything hair related. Also, her style statement can be termed “all seasons”. Whether it’s summer, fall, autumn or winter, this beauty keeps it fly and fab.

She is also a lover of African styles. In fact, she has a clothing line called Atarah Avenue. The collection showcases beautiful African print headwraps.

In case you’re confused at any time on the hairstyle to rock, all you need to do is make a stop over at the Kiitana Avenue. You’re welcome!!



Colors, prints, nature and more colors; all these and more are the basic fashion complements of our black blogger.

This Bella is also quite the “Traveller” and a passionate lover of adventure. From the beach to beautiful resorts and sea rides, SimplyCyn is simply a lover of life and all the beautiful things it has to offer.

Therefore, if you’re searching for some inspos on mixing and matching colors (bold and bright), SimplyCyn will be a great source for you. Also, she gives great reviews of her various destinations.

In simple terms, she is a colorful breath of Nature’s air.

Monica Veloz

Monica Veloz
Monica Veloz

Monica Veloz aka Monicastylemuse is an Afrolatina beauty blogger. This diva will serenade you with her fire makeup looks and her big personality.

Monica is also a huge supporter and promoter of black-owned brands. Her make up tutorials are super easy to learn from and also a lot of fun too. It’s basically entertainment and beauty combined together.

Shannon Johnson

Shannon is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Jamaica. Apart from being a blogger, she is also an entrepreneur and a lawyer. Beauty and Brains!!!

Her style is super chic and chill. Her Instagram page is literally “Jamaican heaven” as she highlights the lush and fabulous destinations in Jamaica.

“I want Jamaicans, especially millennials to feel that they can live that Instagram lifestyle right here in Jamaica by just being a little more creative”, she says.

She is an amazing blogger for all things Jamaica, in terms of travel and lifestyle which includes; exquisite restaurants, beaches amongst others.

Destiney Green

Destiney Green

Destiney Green is a lifestyle blogger. She also blogs about beauty, travel, wellness and especially Motherhood.

She is the mother to the beautiful Honor Green and together they are the perfect mother-daughter duo in the fashion sphere.

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As I grow the energy I’m on is growing with me. Changes are being made in every area of my life. As a single woman raising a young queen, I gotta be more careful with who and how I date. I’m not just manifesting a man, I’m manifesting another male figure in my daughter’s life. What I look for in a man has changed. The male energy I’m on has changed. What is sexy to me has changed. Here’s what’s sexy to me now: Matching my energy. Paying attention. Vulnerability. Play-dates. Conversations about the Universe at 3am. Reciprocity. Open communication. Consistency. A prayer life. He doesn’t have to be perfect. He just needs to be consciously aware… #momcrushmonday #singlemomlife

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Destiney is sure to serve you with a lot of inspiration and tips on Mommy&Me fashion especially on a daily basis. In addition, other topics relating to Motherhood are treated.

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