Tuesday , 15 October 2019

Royal Security Breach as intruder breaks into Buckingham Palace as Queen slept

A man allegedly broke into the Buckingham palace in the early hours of this morning while the Queen slept in huge security breach. He had been free on the prowl – banging doors before the security found him just yards away from where the Queen slept.

Queen Elizabeth II

The incidence is understood to have taken place at about 3 AM after the man was able to climb over the fence. A royal insider told The Sun that the man began banging on doors as he was loose for a few decent minutes before the cops arrested him. It took the cops four minutes to catch him as he was determined to get inside. Luckily for security, all the doors were locked and he could be accosted before getting more creative.
The royal standard flag was flying and it is assumed that served as a clue to knowing that The Queen was around.

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The 22-year-old intruder was trying to pull a Michael Fagan but this time could not get inside the 93-year old monarch’s bedroom.

This same thing happened a day to 37 years ago when a startled Queen discovered Michael Fagan in her bedroom. Fagan as it is reported, sat on the queen’s bed and had previously helped himself to some of Prince Charles’ wine.

He believed he did the Royal Family a favor by proving their security was not up so scratch – it somehow wasn’t. So, how this very situation repeats itself is worrisome. It seemed likely that Queen Elizabeth II was the only senior Royal presence at the time due to the ongoing renovations at the palace.

A theory is that the intruder tried to imitate Fagan – but this raises serious questions. There should be security cameras, heat sensors – even motion sensors – so how was he able to not only gain access but wander unchecked???

The man was arrested on suspicion of trespass by the police and after search wasn’t found with any weapons. The case is not treated as terrorist-related but Buckingham Palace have declined to comment on the matter.


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