A lot of people scrutinized the initial rumors of Raymond Santana and Deelishis dating, since they seem like such an unlikely pair. However, apparently love can be found in the strangest of places and with the strangest of people.

Raymond Santana and Deelishis Romance
Raymond and Deelishis

Raymond Santana has now made a post about her on his Instagram to show the world how he feels about her;

These days the easiest way to confirm a relationship is to head to social media and make things Instagram official and that’s exactly what Raymond Santana and Deelishis have been doing.

So it is official! Raymond and Deelishis are not backing down anytime soon, as Raymond didn’t hesitate to give the haters who claimed he was still married, a piece of his mind;

“Ok… so first off, this picture is for all the HATERS!!! Second..NO..IAM NOT MARRIED..so stop reading those fake ass websites that get all of my info wrong. And third.. thank you to all the true people who love and support me regardless…I appreciate you guys.”

The romance between Central Park Five member Raymond Santana  and former reality star Deelishis is not fizzling out anytime soon(hopefully).The pair have already confirmed their relationship on social media—and now a recent post showed that things aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

#MBBALoveAlert with @Ada_atm

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