Rashod Stanley is a native of Atlanta who has been behind bars since 2016 but is making waves for his fashion design skills. He is definitely making judicious use of all the free time he can get as he is honing his designing skills and gaining lots of publicity for his amazing designs.

Aspiring Fashion Designer Created A Clothing Line Out Of Prison Materials While Incarcerated

He launched his clothing line “The Trenches” while in jail even though he is billed to be released in October this year. Stanley said he had developed a love for fashion right from when he was a little child. He was incarcerated for robbery but he is already making plans to putting his life on track once he is out of jail.

He says he wants everyone to know his story so he can inspire others to actualize their goals and be the best they can be regardless of their current location or position. His followership on social media is growing at an exponential rate and he is already getting loads of patronage even while in prison.

He plans to expand his line and become one of the biggest fashion designers on the planet someday. He also intends to start a non-profit organization that will be a means of giving back to the society. Stanley looks forward to being a public speaker and a mentor to young kids later in life.

To help with the expenses of his online store a GoFundMe has been set up. Checkout more of his designs here.

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