Kevin Hart’s latest interview on Good Morning America has all but revealed that the comedian is past the thought of hosting this year’s Oscars. You will remember that towards the end of 2018 he was asked to apologize for his homophobic tweets from way back. On the show, Hart publicly declined the opportunity to apologize over again and this time it looks like he has put a full stop on the issue.

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It is less than six weeks to this year’s Oscars and the Academy are yet to fill up the void created by Hart following the tilt that ensued from his tweets of about a decade. If that happens then it will be the first time in three decades that the ceremony will not be led by a defined host.

Insiders have let us in what they think the producers are planning. According to our source, it is likely that the producers have lined up a couple of A-list celebs to anchor different aspects of the ceremony, especially presenting awards. They will also fill up the spaces between with short comedy skits.

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It will be recalled that Hart stepped down from hosting the show barely 72 hours after being heralded as this year’s host. He was told to either apologize or step down, he stepped down even though he apologized anyway. Last week on the Ellen DeGeneres show he was asked to reconsider his decision. It looked like he was going to before the end of the show but the Good Morning Africa show killed every iota of hope there was.

According to Hart, he had apologized before and he wasn’t prepared to do that anymore or give any form of explanation to anyone.

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