Tuesday , 15 October 2019

Meet the Cameroonian Chef Christian Abegan

Africa has produced numerous chefs who have been true to their profession and displayed a high level of professionalism, one of them is Chef Abegan.

The Cameroonian chef, Christian Abegan, was meant to be a lawyer but somehow ended up being a chef. He graduated from the famous culinary school in France, the Le Cordon Bleu. Before he became an Afro-Caribbean cuisine consultant he had worked with several hotels in Africa.

Afterward, he opened his own restaurant, which he called “Chez Abegan” in Cameroon. He also opened a branch called “Le Palanka” located in the French capital, Paris. In 2009 he won the “trophy of excellence for Afro-Caribbean cuisines.” At the time he was the first African to win the award. The next year he won the “grand diploma award” from the Institute of French gastronomy.

One of his major aims is to make African cuisine popular and export it to the rest of the world. Check out some of his famous recipes below.

Chicken “DG” (Banana Chicken)


Click here to see the recipe.

Ravitoto with pork and coconut cream


Check here for the recipe.



Check here for the recipe.

Abgeli Klanklo


Find the recipe here.

Fermented manioc (cassava) bread


See the recipe here.

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