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Meet The Afro-Caribbean Contestants At The Miss World Pageant 2019

It is the season of beauty pageants, we recently posted the African Contestants for the 68th Miss Universe, We bring you the Afro-Caribbean Contestants at the 69th Edition of Miss World 2019, Holding on the 14th of December at the ExCel London, in London, United Kingdom.

The Bahamas

19 year old Nyah Christine Bandelier, works as a marketing assistant who aspires to study medicine and become a medical doctor. Her hobbies include volleyball, swimming, dancing and volunteering. Nyah has been trained in ballet and liturgical dance. Her drive and determination to succeed are what keeps her going. A fun fact about Nyah is that her eyes can change colour depending on her mood. Her biggest fear in life would be having no purpose.


Meet The Afro-Caribbean Contestants At The Miss World Pageant 2019

Che’mor Greenigde, is a 26 year old degree holder in political science and international business. She is currently working as a project consultant and aspires to do more humanitarian work. Her interests are educating others on the impact of climate change and teaching sign language. Her favourite food is any type of pasta. Che’s hobbies include horseback riding and reading non-fiction. She has a Doberman/ Rottweiler mix called Oscar De La Renta after her favourite designer.

Antigua And Barbuda

26 year old Taqqiya Francis, is a graphic designer and artist who aspires to open art galleries across the globe, for young artists to have their voice heard. She enjoys hosting art workshops with young people and visiting elderly homes. Her proudest day was graduating from University and seeing the smiles on her parent’s faces. If Taqiyyah could invite anyone to dinner it would be Yara Sharidi because she’s inspirational to the younger generation with her activism.

British Virgin Islands

Meet The Afro-Caribbean Contestants At The Miss World Pageant 2019

Rikkiya Brathwaite is a 22 year old aspiring actress, who has previously attended a course at Yale University, and would like to one day open her own performing arts school. She also has a keen interest in piano, singing and dancing. Rikkya’s most memorable day is September 6th 2017 when hurricane Irma devastated her home. The most important thing in Rikkya’s life is setting out to accomplish all of her goals. Her motto is always ‘no matter the circumstance. Life goes on’.


22 year old Anais Emeline Clemence LACALMONTIE has a license to practice law from college, and hopes to become a qualified criminal lawyer. Alongside playing piano, Anais is a talented harp player and she hopes to share this skill during the talent contest. Her proudest achievement this far is rescuing her dog Yoka from the street who was ‘starved’ and nursed back to health. Her personal motto is ‘you might fall but you always have to get up and hold your head high, to learn from your mistakes.’


Meet The Afro-Caribbean Contestants At The Miss World Pageant 2019

22 year old Joylyn Anita Conway is a science lecturer and lab instructor who aspires to one day become a certified forensic chemist. In her free time she enjoys trying new foods, watching crime shows, coding web pages and volunteering. Joylyn has been a Rotary Club secretary and will soon be President Elect of the New Amsterdam chapter. She has a German Shepherd called Max who has unique stripes and mesmerising brown eyes. Joylyn’s life motto is ‘aspire to inspire, before you expire’.


Toni Ann Singh is a 23 year old women’s studies and psychology student at Florida State University who aspires to be a medical doctor. Previously she has worked as president of the Caribbean students association on campus. In her free time Toni enjoys singing, cooking, vlogging, volunteering and singing. Her special talent is that she can sing classical opera. The most important thing in Toni’s life is her mother who has facilitated her dream by supporting her in every way possible.


Meet The Afro-Caribbean Contestants At The Miss World Pageant 2019

25 year old Alysha Morency spends her spare time painting, writing and playing basketball. She describes herself as a strong women and the most important thing to her is her brothers and sisters who she takes care of. Her favourite book is The Secret and her personal motto is ‘keep going, Don’t look back’

U.S Virgin Islands

Ayana Phillips is a 24 year old self-employed DJ and entertainment host who aspires to be internationally known as a DJ. Her interests include swimming, music, and travelling. The most important thing in her life is her family, her goal is to showcase the magnitude of her appreciation toward them by expressing herself in a positive manner throughout the contest. Her personal motto is ‘be yourself, know yourself and always be your best!’.

Trinidad And Tobago

21 year old, Tya Jane La shon Ramey has studied a degree majoring in social work and minoring in social policy. She would like to one day become a professor in Social Work and become a UN ambassador. Tya has represented her country in volleyball for over 6 years, and has also played basketball. She has recently signed up to learn how to barber in order to increase the number of women in this industry. Tya’s life motto is ‘your life should reflect how you impact others’

Afro Beauty everywhere at the Miss World 2019. What are your thoughts?

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