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Monday , 21 October 2019


Maternity shoot

Experiencing the whole process of pregnancy could be challenging. But it also has its perks and rewards too, like experiencing the first kick, the heartbeat and let’s not forget attending to your pregnancy cravings!!!

Also, the idea of having a maternity shoot is such a wonderful way to embrace your pregnancy life and body as well and play dress up as one awaits the birth of he baby. With the tons of ideas that are out there for maternity shoot ideas, we shed the spotlight on five famous and general themes of capturing the perfect image for maternity shoot.


Maternity shoot
Loved up couple in matching color codes

Couple maternity shoots are super romantic, wild and incredibly funny. From husbands with their own protruded bellies to peekaboo moments and passionate photo moments, it creates the picture perfect image for both husband and wife as they welcome their child into the world.

Maternity shoot
Funny couple maternity shoot


Glowing African Mother

It is always a good decision to rep the culture, including maternity photoshoots. The African themed maternity shoots are nothing short of rich, colorful and simply phenomenal. It is also one that the child or children can look back to and keep Africa alive in their hearts.

Beautiful African concept for Maternity shoot
Charming couple in African print


Creative idea of Basketball themed belly paint

Going for the belly paint theme for the photo shoot is literally tapping into the artistic realms. Also, one has quite a lot of beautiful ideas to choose from. It is such a fun and a unique approach in incorporating an aesthetic flair to one’s overall look. Step into the creative cloud and be the Centre of attention in the glory of belly paint.


It’s a Family Affair!!!

Family maternity shoots are all shades of fun and cuteness. Apart from getting the younger ones camera ready and cooperative, it captures a beautiful snapshot of the whole family.

Also, the family maternity shoot can also make a great family photo. Adding a central fashion style (like the look below) makes it all the more fun.

Picture perfect black family
Royal-themed Maternity Shoot


Beautiful natural background

Having the natural environment as a backdrop makes for a charming and magical statement. Also, the idea of dawning on a flowing dress with a loooong train creates an alluring image and a sort of fairytale moment.

Yes, there’s so much drama in making this photo shoot from throwing the dress up and standing still for the camera. But at the end, a perfect picture showing a powerful mother emerges.

A mother in a gorgeous white two-piece with a beautiful floral head crown
Maternity shoot
Red dress = Fire look


The key is having something that makes a personal statement to you and blowing it up in an atmosphere of love and creativity. It is also something to look back on and cherish sweet memories of your pregnancy.

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