Tuesday , 15 October 2019

Mariah Carey adds spice to viral Bottle Cap Challenge

Mariah Carey is just one of the celebrities to participate in the trending bottle cap challenge. The challenge usually expects the contestant to perform a rotating kick to the top of a bottle while twisting the cap off in the process.

Actor Jason Statham completes the bottle cap challenge Credit: The Sun

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Quite a number of celebrities including Jason Statham, John Mayer, Dipolo and McGregor have given it a go with varying degree of success. Pop singer, Maria Carey literally killed it by completing it in the most iconic way. A video posted by the 5-time Grammy Award winner shows her taking a deep breath – preparing her body for a spin kick – but doesn’t kick. Instead she lets lose her high pitch voice after blocking her finger to her ear to send the lid flying.


#BottleCapChallenge which started trending only a few days ago is viral with over 27,000 posts on Instagram. Carey executed a martial thingy in pop style to light the social media up. Fans already consider her act iconic with her  ex-husband Nick Cannon even joining to recognize her performance.

The challenge has been regarded as an imitation of the ice bucket challenge that went viral in 2014 – which was to raise money and awareness for the motor neuron disease. This time, the challenge is just for fun and is not tied to raising any money or awareness. It’s just about the creative way people take on the same challenge with many entries downright inspiring.

Whichever way you choose to attempt the challenge, remember, its safety first. The race to see who will top the pop singer’s act is on!


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