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Madagascar, Ghana, and Zimbabwe enter list of trending summer destinations for 2019

We all look forward to the Summer holidays once Spring kicks in. Every year people around the world flock to several destinations during the Summer to have a few days off work and enjoy a beautiful holiday experience.

One of the most visited travel search engines, HomeToGo recently released its list of “Top Trending Summer Destinations 2019.” This list is drawn from the searches on their website. This year, three African countries are among the top six on this list.

Check out the top trending destinations for Summer 2019 below:

Bora Bora

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You probably are not shocked to see Bora Bora as number one on this list. The name is derived from Tahitian lingua and it means “created by the gods.” Looking at this destination, the name is no exaggeration, it was definitely crafted by the gods. It is located in the heart of French Polynesia and it offers you everything you want with respect to a peaceful vacation. The overwater bungalows make your experience complete as you can view the marine life below through the glass floors.

The Maldives

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Even though the Maldives is considered a luxury destination, it actually has an arrangement for more affordable holidays. Transport here is mainly by boat so you will definitely enjoy drinking in a view of the ocean. It is also one of the best snorkeling and diving destinations in the world and you can see all of the amazing sea life below the ocean’s surface.


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You probably have seen the animation, Madagascar, and just like the animation, this destination is the real deal. It is blessed with thousands of species of animal life. Even though the eco-tourism sector of this destination is still at its infancy stages, it is gaining ground real fast. You will definitely enjoy the unique landscapes and the lush rain forests.


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The capital city is a great attraction even though it is a bustling city. You can enjoy amazing art and theatre performances, mouthwatering cuisine, and several top attractions. The markets and the Kakum National Park are other major attractions in this country plus the thousands of bird and butterfly species.

West Cork

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This destination offers so much to keep you entertained for a lifetime. Located in Ireland, West Cork presents you with fascinating culture and eye-catching landscapes. The green lush meadows and dramatic coasts are experiences you will never forget. There is also the traditional jazz and classical music to serenade each evening for visitors.


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With the political strife going on in the country it is surprising to many that it is on this list at all. Well, if you look beyond the negatives, there is so much this country has to offer. From the warm culture to the diverse wildlife and spectacular landscapes, there is so much opportunity for fun. You can also enjoy the views at the different National Parks and the hikes at the Eastern Highlands. Finally, you can explore the primitive Kingdom of Zimbabwe which was one of the strongest civilizations of pre-colonial Africa.

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