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Macky Sall wins Senegalese polls

The Senegalese Prime Minister has announced the winner of the general elections which held over the weekend. The results show that the incumbent President, Macky Sall won the elections with about 57% of the total votes. The opposition party had claimed a run-off was inevitable based on the initial results.

Macky Sall casts his vote (africanews.com)

The Prime Minister, Mouhammed Boun Abdallah Dionne, congratulated the incumbent President for winning the elections when he made the announcement. He announced the results at the Dakar presidential collation headquarters. There was a lot of  jubilation at the announcement even though it wasn’t official.

The Senegalese Voting Census Commission is expected to publish the official results from each department on or before Tuesday. National Census Commission will be publishing the official results by Friday morning. If none of the candidates wins by a majority then there will be a second round of voting.

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