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Lion King Premiere shows Kenya’s Safari should inspire us all

It was 25 years ago Lion King made the headlines for being one of the most magical movies ever produced. Fast forward today, magical Kenya with its rich safari continues to do the same in Disney’s new live-animated Lion King. And why shouldn’t it? Everyone can easily identify with the theme. Maybe because it gets us closer to nature, or simply, it takes us to our roots where we can dare to dream.

Simba had to follow his roots at some point even though he was motivated by Nala to reclaim his lost Pride. Does everyone not need motivation from time to time? Maybe the voices of real people (in the movie) should be telling us one thing – “live your dream”. There is likely always a Scar, or a loss that drags us back in time. Do those magical voices not lend a hand to, or identify with us time and again? Certainly.

pictures from the Lion King Premiere

In the stampede that killed Mufasa, the real thing can be experienced firsthand; wildebeests, zebras and their herbivore-relatives continue to roam Kenya’s country side Borana Ranch on the Laikipia Plateau, whose breathtaking views and spectacular overhanging and rising, giving inspiration for Pride Rock and Pride Land.

Young and old will troop to the cinemas all over the world from the 18th and maybe – just maybe in another 25 years, we will look back and find that the movie was able to help some find their feet.

Nature cinemas wait in Kenya’s safari for tourists to experience the wild like never before. Maybe there is a Simba in Hell’s Gate National Park, Kenya waiting to be seen. Or maybe there is a Simba in each and every one of us. Time will tell, but the adventure of life is boundless in itself like the “Lion King” and Kenya’s safari.

Disney’s classic may be the inner voice telling us to chase out dreams out of necessity, for the good of mankind.


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