A private funeral was held in honor of the late ace director, John Singleton, who died last week. Among those who graced the funeral were Ice Cube, Maxine Waters, Stevie Wonder, family, friends, and other dignitaries.

The funeral was held in South Los Angeles, at the Angelus Funeral Home. South LA is a major part of the late director’s life as he spent most of his childhood there and it was the city in which his “Boyz n the Hood” was set.

Being a private occasion, the media was not let into the venue of the proceedings, which lasted about two hours. Other dignitaries at the funeral include Ryan Coogler, the director of Black Panther, F. Gary Gray, Jim Brown, Ludacris, Taraji P. Henson, Tyrese, Morris Chestnut, Ving Rhames, amongst others.

Singleton’s family had announced that he was taken off life support last week Monday after he had suffered a stroke earlier in April. Even though technically the life support was taken off April 29, the death certificate states he passed on April 28. He was laid to rest on the same day at Forest Lawn in Hollywood.

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The court documents, including Singleton’s 1993 will were filed by his mother Sheila Ward. She is named as the executor of the will and most of his estate was handed down to his daughter, Justice Singleton. At the time the will was written she was his only child, he later had four more children. The estate is valued at $3.8 million.

A spokesperson for the Singleton family has said that a public memorial is being planned and the details will be publicized soon.

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