A Japanese fabric company has filed a lawsuit against A-list rapper and entrepreneur, Kanye West. The company is suing Ye on the grounds that he owes them thousands of dollars from the production of his Yeezy sneakers.

The company, Toki Sen-I Co., has alleged that West’s company made an order of fleece fabric worth over $600,000. The fabric was used for the production of the sneakers and the rapper’s company never paid up.

The Japanese company even alleged that the rapper tried to deceive them and avoid paying up by establishing a fake company. The suit filed is against Yeezy Apparel and Kanye West.

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The court documents say that the lawsuit is the company’s response to West and Yeezy Apparel’s desire to dismiss the initial case filled.

Ye has responded by saying he is innocent and why the payment was not made was because the order was never delivered. The company fired saying the rapper is attempting to commit fraud using his celebrity status as an alibi. According to Toki, if this is not curbed, other companies could be defrauded in like manner.

They claim they tried settling with west out of court to no avail, so they are suing for $624,000 and storage costs. The case is still in court.

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