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It’s All Love! South Africans Are Celebrating Miss Nigeria

The Miss Universe Pageant 2019 has come and gone, and it saw Miss Zozibini Tunzi Of South Africa bring the crown to motherland. Amidst the cheer of south-Africans on Miss Zozibini, Miss Olutosin Araromi Of Nigeria is being celebrated by South Africans for her black love and sisterhood shown during the contest.

26 Year Old Olutosin Araromi has been observed to have had her sister’s (Miss South Africa) back at the contest. They both shared the same room and she was seen celebrating Zozibini when she was announced a winner.

It’s All Love! South Africans Are Celebrating Miss Nigeria
Miss Nigeria

Olutosin Araromi is a first generation Nigerian-American college graduate of Montclair State University who holds a bachelors degree in health and human services with a minor in psychology. Olutosin currently works as a model, presenter and public speaker with the hopes of getting into motivational speaking in the near future. She is a avid woman empowerment advocate and has been featured on numerous woman empowerment platforms as a panelist. Before being selected to represent Nigeria at the 2019 Miss Universe pageant, Olutosin experienced a life changing situation. Both her and her mother were involved in a fatal vehicle accident by a reckless driver which left her mother to sadly pass on. She is now using her platform to not only advocate for women and youth empowerment, but also bring awareness to pedestrian safety in Lagos, Nigeria.

Despite the toughness of the contest, and the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa, there was no iota of jealousy between Miss Nigeria, Olutosin and Miss South Africa, Zozibini as they both held it up for each other and became team mates and sisters, and when Miss South Africa was declared winner, Miss Nigeria could not hide her joy.

Tweets Celebrating Miss Nigeria

The tweets are endless and all the black love and sisterhood is making us warm with joy.

So, do you have a miss nigeria in your life?

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