I carefully selected the wedding pictures of Bisi that I was sure would draw attention, sent them to blogs, wrote malicious stories of how she is The Governor’s Mistress and how her last baby is from another man.

On the fake social media accounts that I created just to troll Bisi, I posted different pictures of her and I brewed up all the lies I could mutter, even the devil would take lying lessons from me at that point.

I had no job, so I had all the free time to hate and bully a woman that I knew nothing about.

The obsession for Ola shut down my sense of judgement and I was having a good time as I read the sensational blog headlines…

Lagos married big girl gets pregnant for another man

Ex Stripper Bisi, Goes on a Fucking Spree

I reposted the malicious posts on my fake Instagram account and tagged Bisi.

I was ready to go all out. I forwarded the blog posts to Ola via a fake email address, I cooked up stories about Bisi’s parents and sent to Ola.

I was not satisfied, I paid the bloggers to write about Bisi, calling her a gold digger from poverty stricken parents who used charms to get a husband.

In no distant time, the news was going viral, I was elated, I waited for Bisi to respond but she seemed to ignore all the posts.

I created fake chats of Bisi begging a man for sex in exchange for money, it went viral too, yet Bisi didn’t react.

I started getting frustrated, more-so that Ola seemed to be avoiding me. I had called him several times and he declined my calls and ignored my messages.

I launched another attack on Bisi, I published nude pictures that I found on a porn site of a lady with the same skin tone as Bisi.

Nudes Of Married Lagos Serial Slut Leaked

As soon as the headlines and post went viral, I received a call from Ola, he sounded angry and sad. I leaped for Joy! My plans seemed to be working! He is about to ditch his wife for me! He narrated to me the viral posts concerning Bisi, I consoled him and pretended to be sad about the situation, Ola asked if I was home so he could come stay with me, I pretended to be busy and acted reluctant to give in. I told him I was home but I’ll be out in 30 minutes. Ola thanked me as he informed me he would be at mine in 15 minutes.

As soon as I hung up, I danced and laughed, Ola was finally going to land in my net.

The Door Bell rang few minutes later, I giggled mischievously as I deliberately delayed. I thought to myself that Ola was already here before 15 minutes as I slowly walked to the door.

I waited for three more knocks and my phone rang, Ola was calling, I laughed and decided to open up the door.

”Hello, are you miss Ene? You are invited to the state police command for Questioning, come right away”.

Lagos police Command

To be continued…

Who sent the police?

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