There is nothing that is impossible when it comes to Nigerian Men, from the men who would date you for 10 years, break up with you today and get married to another lady tomorrow, to the ones who are married and when you ask them if they are married, they tell you “it is not that serious”. How can a marriage be “not that serious”?, only with Nigerian Men.

My name is Ene, I am from Benue state Nigeria, I am thirty one years old, I live in lekki-Lagos, i work in a bank and this is my story.

It was a busy Monday morning and lots of customers had come to complain about our internet banking system which was faulty during the weekend as a result of maintenance, I am head of the customer service department and I knew I was going to be facing a lot of angry customers. A market woman stormed into my office and threatened to withdraw all her money, I took my time to apologize and reassure her we are on top of the situation, she grumbled about being unable to transfer money for her goods and ended her remarks by asking me to get a husband. You are wondering how she knew I am single? Well it is very easy for an older woman in Nigeria to know a single lady, it is sort of a super power in them. 

The seventh customer walked in and he was an Adonis.

Lagos Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria

Ola,he introduced himself as Ola, he is Yoruba from Lagos state, I hurriedly attended to his complaints, he asked for my contact card so he can call to verify if his Domiciliary account has been rectified. I wore a smile throughout the rest of the day, I was not affected by the tantrums from other customers, Ola was all that was in my head.

Twenty minutes to the time I get off work, my phone rang and it was my mother, reminding me of the prayers and fasting that I had to do so that God can have mercy on me and grant me a husband. I listened to her complaints about my age and sighed with relief when she got off the phone.

Ola called me at 11pm that night, apologized for calling late, and asked to have lunch with me to make up for waking me up from my sleep. I was too excited to mind his late calling, his sonorous voice spoke to my ears and my nipples as they struggled to pierce  through my night wear. We spoke about his account and he was happy that everything was fixed. 

We had lunch the next day, he came over to the bank, and took me to one of my dream restaurants. He made me laugh so hard and I didn’t want to leave his sight. Nigerian Men can be very romantic, they can make even a mountain fall for them.

At my close of work, he came to get me and he drove me home, he had no wedding band on his finger and he kept talking about being lonely, it was as if he knew how lonely I was, my last relationship is a story for another day.

At my flat, we sat and watched TV, I had asked him to stay for a few minutes, we talked some more and I laughed my head off, Ola would have made it big in comedy if he didn’t own one of the biggest oil servicing firms in lagos. Ola, stayed for two hours and it was 8pm when he decided to leave, my hormones were raging and I didn’t know when I hugged him so tight… he looked me in the eye and we locked lips…

…To be continued.


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