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I Fell In love With A Single Married Man 9

I stared at the police men at my door, I panned my eyes like a camera and attempted a sharp move back into my house, but the lady Officer amongst them swiftly grabbed my arm and that was how I was whisked away like a petty thief.

My landlady and Baba Mariam tried to help, they had no choice but to get into a car and head to the state command office.

I kept asking what my crime was and I insisted that I speak to a lawyer, I was talking with so much gusto as I dialed Ola’s Number.

“Officer, do you know who I am? You would pay for damages…arresting me like a common criminal…wait let me talk to my man…all of you would apologize to me”.

I was angry and terrified, I knew it had to do with the trolling and fake news on Bisi, the wicked woman decided to arrest me, now I know why she kept quiet…she is so wicked.

I cat-walked into the Senior police Office as I texted Ola about the current situation.

“That’s her sir! She must be detained”!

I knew the voice that uttered those words but they didn’t come from the right body, I ran towards Ola in relief, I must have heard wrongly.

Ola shoved me aside and proceeded to demand that I be detained after all the necessary information has been extracted from me.

My heart shattered into a thousand pieces! So it was Ola! Ola ordered for my arrest!! I stood transfixed as a mannequin and shook my head vigorously to wake my-self from the nightmare!

My own lover had me arrested because of a marriage that he said was not serious.

I held nothing back as I narrated my entire ordeal to the interrogating Officer, after I had written my police statement, I was taken into a female cell.

As soon as I stepped into the cell, my nostrils flared with the smell of vaginas that have been unwashed for days.

The stench of soggy armpits mixed with the odor of aged buttocks attacked me. The smell that oozed from within the cell caused me to stagger.

There were about 14 women in the cell that was meant for only 4 people. The youngest of the cell inmates looked 15 years of age.

I crawled on the damp floors to find a spot. I squeezed through wide spread legs, buttocks, mucus, strands of what looked like Pubic hair. I found an unfortunate spot right opposite an inscription that read “WELCOME TO VALHALLA”.

I didn’t know when I burst into tears and the other women looked at me amusingly. One of them drew close to me and offered me a wrap of weed, I shook my head, she laughed and told me that I’ll come asking for it in a few hours.

The pain in my heart knew no bounds and I felt like I was sinking into molten magma, I pleaded with the weed lady to pass it to me, she smirked as she said “my name is Largatha, you owe me”.

For the first time in my life, I smoked marijuana, I puffed on it so had that I blanked out and dreamt that my mother was chasing me with husbands that looked like pestles.

My landlady and Baba Mariam came with food to my cell the next day, and surprisingly, they didn’t seem to judge me. They brought a change of clothes and I shared my food with the weed lady.

I was updated on my case, and told that I’ll have to choose between spending two weeks in the cell or being charged to court.

I asked for a lawyer, but the female police officer advised me to accept the two weeks in cell. She told me that Ola would file for damages and I could be paying upto 20 million in damages as all the evidence against me was overwhelming.

The IP address of the fake social media pages were traced to me and the bloggers I paid, snitched on me too, and my confession was the final nail on the coffin.

It was in that cell that I learnt that Ola was not who I thought he was, it was from that cell I learnt that Ola got all his wealth from Bisi’s Father…

To be continued…

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