“You just had a baby and you would not let your husband find peace and solace outside, why are you disturbing my boyfriend? When it’s your turn I don’t disturb you, allow Ola and I have peace, Bisi find something to keep you busy if the new born is not enough”.

A weird silence deafened me, Bisi did not respond to my outburst, rather she calmly told me to let her husband know that his in-laws are waiting for him, she then hung up, but not before telling me to “enjoy myself and return him in one piece”.

I don’t know what exactly was more painful, was it the fact that I had finally become a lunatic that had no more respect for herself and her fellow woman that I had to warn a legal wife to stay away from my boyfriend? Or the fact that she was calm and rather sounded emphatic. I sobbed as I copied her phone number, search for her pictures on Ola’s phone, found her social media accounts and decided to Gather information about her.


By the time Ola woke up from his orgasm driven sleep, I had deleted the call logs, had a warm bath and was pretending to be asleep. He dressed up, announced that he had to leave because he was sure his in-laws are already in town—he kissed my forehead and let himself out.

As soon as I heard his car drive off, I went ahead with my mission. I created anonymous social media accounts and started to troll Bisi.

Bisi looked really beautiful from her pictures and she rarely used make up, it was not only Ola that we had in common, it seemed we both didn’t like make up. She looked a bit bleached in her fair skin and had a high sense of fashion.

I took a week to go through all her social media messages before I decided to launch my attack.

I decided to start with her wedding pictures that I had saved off her social media pages…

To be continued…

What do you think my desperate self did?

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