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Tuesday , 22 October 2019
Summer inspired


Have you heard of colors that instantly change your mood? Yellow is one of them!!Yellow is such a bright and a happy colour.Also, peep out yellow on black skin – MAGIC!!!!
But, it’s not all fun and games right?! Yes!You will agree with me that it is one that can be tough to style sometimes. You will have to do a double check before you step out.
Still, it is not totally impossible and we love a good challenge right? Therefore, let’s educate ourselves on some styling tips and tricks to pull off the “All-Brighty Yellow” successfully!!


Chic hooded trench coat

Wearing yellow as an outerwear could be a daring style choice. It is daring because it is easily noticeable especially with the bright tones. So as you walk down the streets in your yellow outerwear, you are surely going to draw attention. For an effortless look, pair your yellow outerwear with a pair of jeans (blue or black). Top it off with a pair of pumps, sneakers or boots.

Jean pants are not the only go-to options. A midi skirt is also a great style complement for your yellow outerwear. It gives you a very refreshing and chic look.
I always love a good floral midi skirt (like the look below).

Floral midi skirt

It adds that extra bit of sass to your ensemble. But hold up!!! Make sure it’s a dark tone or at least something that balances out the yellow well.
For the men, it is not advisable to go for “over-the-top” yellow shades. Cooler and darker tones such as dusky citron, camel, Dijon, chestnut, honey and others will be more preferable choices to go with. Pastel tones are also great options especially in the summer season. Don’t get lost in the sauce!!!!

Casual look
Velvet tuxedo




Street style

Skirts, pants, skorts andshorts; these are wonderful pieces to introduce a pop of color to your ensemble. I call them, “instant poppies!”

For a simple look, pair a yellow mini skirt with neutrals as a good base. Round it off with a pair of thigh high boots and a cross bag for a modern chic style.
For a professional style, you have to be careful when combining your fashion pieces. The yellow bottom (pants or skirt) should be the only yellow piece in your look. Yellow could be a very distracting colour, so, for the workplace, it will be best to thread simply.

For summer fun looks, you are more than allowed to be intrepid in your outfit choices.

A pair of wide legged pants is just the “lit” piece to rev it up!!! Introduce a beautiful head wrap and score some extra style points.

Take a cue from Stylepantry for a dressier look. She paired off her wide legged pants with a one shoulder ruffle top. Perfection!!!

That does not leave out other seasons. You can rock yellow all seasons.


Out of all the fashion pieces, this is the most versatile. There is a wide range of yellow tops with countless styles to choose from. Whatever style you’re going for, I assure you that you are covered.

One of my favorite things to do with a yellow top is to experiment with other complementary colours like green, burgundy, blue, gray and the likes. I know black is always the safe and go-to choice. But don’t be scared to explore other colors. All you need to do is know your color wheel!! Lol!

Mustard draped top paired with Burgundy wide leg pants


Prints, polka dots and stripes are also great style elements to pair with your yellow tops.

If you are still feeling unsettled about wearing yellow, add a blazer (neutral colors preferably) or any other outerwear to boost your confidence.
For the male fold, yellow patterned tops or with hints of yellow are great pieces to pair with your bottoms (chinos, jeans, leather pants and the likes).

Stripes patterned shirt
Bespoke shirt with hints of yellow

It could also be worn as an inner wear;pair with suede boots, cap and sunshades to elevate your style.


Summer inspired

The beautiful thing about wearing yellow dresses is that accessories are kept simple. Since the yellow dress is already taking the centre stage, it’s wise to go easy on accessories. The simpler, the better.

Also, keep your combo colours coordinated especially in the shoes and bag departments. I also encourage that you consider your skin tone before picking a yellow dress. Go for shades that will complement your skin and not wash you out.

Caribbean flow
Asymmetric one shoulder midi dress

Whether your style is traditional, professional, chic, edgy, bohemian or floral, be sure to have fun with it in an uncomplicated manner.



When it comes to accessories, one rule applies, “Less is More!” A simple accent of yellow accessories is your best option.

Beautiful pairs of yellow earrings
Slingback heels for casual days
Yellow beaded multi strand neckpiece

Yellow is such a dominating colour so it would be wise to go for a more subtle approach. Let me also add that the occasion will also determine the extent of the accessories you can wear.

To the workplace, it would be wise to go with just one piece of yellow accessory. For summer parties, risks are allowed. You can opt for more than one accessory and a colour contrast would be an amazing take on it.

African print satin bowtie and pocket square set by D’iyanu
Yellow leather shoes

Yellow is fierce, fun and fabulous! Embrace it and shine bright!!!

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