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Tuesday , 22 October 2019


African style: Rich, Colorful and Vibrant

Africa is a continent that is blessed with rich cultural background. This extends to various aspects of living including fashion. From the Adire designs to the colorful Kente and Bogolanfini designs, the styles are too many to not include such into your wardrobe. Culture to an African man or woman is like Ying to yang. Besides, representation goes a long way. That being said, let’s explore the diverse ways one can successfully incorporate Africa into your look.


For your laid-back look, there are several pieces one can use to pay homage to the African culture. Whether it’s a fanny pack, belts or tops, the options are endless. A two-piece is a bold African statement you can rock for your casual style. Switch up your Jean bottoms for African prints. An African print fanny pack is also a subtle way of incorporating the traditional flair including your airport style. A shirt dress like the look below is another piece that will leave you looking cool and chic.

Kente print mini skirt

Classic African shorts by D’iyanu


For your professional wardrobe, work with the African fashion pieces as accents. Even though it requires careful thoughts and choices, you can be certified and proudly African. A neckerchief paired with your professional wardrobe is quite a subtle approach to your style. You can complement your outfit for the workplace with a bag lined with African textiles like the look below. Finish off your look with handmade African hand pieces and you are good to go.

African neckerchief

Bags with African print details


Summer time is a period to go “gaga” in terms of African style. The season is an avalanche of color and bright patterns and African style will do great justice to it.

The tribal head wrap is no more a silent or exclusive trend. It’s literally everywhere and it is here to stay. It instantly switches up your outfit and turns up your African game. Statement accessories are also great pieces to highlight the traditional style.

One very classic piece is the Boubou!!! It screams summer class and comfort at the same time. Pair your Boubou with heels, sneaks or sandals with statement accessories and you are the definition of summer sass. Hair accessories such as drum wood beads, cuffs and pendant rings will also score extra style points.


Going for an African themed wedding might require you to do a double take on your outfit choice. Africans prefer guests to identify with either the theme, color or dress code especially during the traditional engagements. If you are going for a dress as your outfit choice for a wedding, you can top off your look by adding accents of the chosen traditional material design to your styles. African print clutch is also an understated yet sophisticated advance to finish off your look. For the male flock, an African print bow tie is also an amazing take on it.

African print bow tie

Here are some bonus African style incorporated looks;

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