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Children are super active especially at the toddler stage and the energy to keep up with them requires a whole lot. The numerous activities they engage in cannot all be monitored by the parents. Some may be harmful and can pose a serious threat to their health. Therefore, it is expedient that one must teach them healthy habits and the repercussions that can occur if not adhered to in order to prevent health challenges. Below are listings of health habit you need to teach your child/children.



hand washing

This is a basic hygiene habit that every child must embrace especially after a bathroom break, before and after meals and playground activities and more. Ensure your little ones learn and practice this daily. Also, making the process fun and interesting should help their retention.


Kids expel a lot of energy during several activities especially in school, during playgroup time with their friends and others. It would be wise to teach them the habit of having water breaks in order to prevent dehydration due to their low body weight. Ensure that they always have their water bottles with them and make the idea of drinking water interesting and it’s value.


two baby

This is a rather tricky situation because you want to teach your child to be liberal and cautious at the same time. Therefore explaining to your little ones the dangers of sharing personal items from utensils, toothbrushes to cups, soap bars and water bottles is essential for their own good.


The practice of taking a bath twice a day is one that a percentage of people (especially adults) fall short of which eventually develops into body odour. In order to develop the habit of body hygiene, children should be made to take their bath in the morning, before bedtime or after a rigorous exercise.


The proper use of the washroom cannot be overemphasized in ensuring a  good state of  health for the kids. Simple instructions such as flushing the toilet after use and hand washing will go a long way in keeping the youngsters safe from contracting diseases and the spread of it. The use of door or wall signs can also be employed to always keep them in check.



Parenting can be tough sometimes but the joy of it is to have healthy kids and moreso children that can take care of themselves.





Liora Bassey



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