It has been established after lot of enquires that the renowned Hannibal with name” Chenu bechola Barca” was African and Black. Hannibal was an intelligent warrior of Carthaginan origin whose military prowess and antics is still being taught in western schools to this day.’

History has it that the Carthaginian civilization in present-day Tunisia was founded sometimes around 3422(African era), -814 by the primordial Blacks of the Middle East (Phoenicians), who were then governed by Queen Dido-Elissar. Carthage was blessed with strong economy through which they conquered the Maghreb, Sicily, Libya, Southern Spain, Corsica, Sardinia, and the Balearic Islands. At the time, Carthage-Roman relations were relatively peaceful until -264, when a conflict commenced.

The fight between Carthage and Rome began when Italian mercenaries seized the Messana port in Sicily. They imposed their authority with the help of the Carthaginian military and refused the African authority by requesting aid from Rome to totally get Carthage of Messana. Rome in response, not wanting to see the Carthaginian domination near its terrain, decided to take not just Messana, but the whole of Sicily.

It was this conflict that degenerated into the first Punic war which lasted for 23 years, causing hundreds of thousands to die, and rendering Carthage militarily and economically handicapped. Carthage lost Corsica, Sicily, and Sardinia and also paid reparation to Rome.

The Barca family were descendants of Queen Dido-Elissar, they were known for their military prowess and the name Barca is the origin of the name of the present-day city Barcelona. Hannibal’s Father General Hamical Barca, in his bid to restore some dignity, fought and won back the north-east of Spain, and made his son Hannibal swear in the course of a ritual to one day defeat Rome and exterminate the European empire.

Chenu Bechola Barca, fondly referred to as Hannibal which means “he who has the favor of Baal [God]” was born in -247. As a child, he never missed following his Father Hamilcar to battles, by the time he was 25, he took up his family’s legacy after the death of his brother-in-law Hasdrubal the fair.

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