GlobalBlack Magazine

Global Black Magazine is a seasonal society and culture magazine publication for the Global Black people. It covers the Nitty-Gritty of our race and it’s uniqueness through, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, style, culture, wedding, travel, societal issues and more. Summer issue of Mbba’s Global black magazine will be Out Soon, Anticipate!

African Ancestry

Interesting and Bizarre African tribal Traditions

  As many as 3000 tribes come together to make the African continent. Each tribe has its own unique tradition that separates it from the...

Beauty, Fashion, Style


The perfect pose, the perfect lighting, the perfect wardrobe with the perfect environment, all these and more are elements of the world of lifestyle...

Black Weddings

Afro Cuisine

Fiery Hot Nigerian jollof rice rocks San Francisco

Once Simileoluwa Adebajo couldn’t shake off the feeling of missing home, she started a restaurant to recreate her childhood experiences. Simileoluwa would go on...