If you are a lover of comics then this must be great news for you. Not too long ago, Etan comics released its first edition of an Ethiopian comic. Well, the publisher is about to produce another first as it has announced the first Ethiopian female superhero comic. The comic is titled “Hawi.”

The comic tells the story of Ement Legesse, a young girl on a quest to find and liberate her mother who was kidnapped. A report from OkayAfrica tells us that the first issue of the comic is almost out. The report also tells us that the costs of the rest of the production will be handled by a Kickstarter set up by Debebe.

Both Hawi and Jember, comics produced by Etan Comics, feature African artists. They can be gotten in both English and Amharic. Beserat Debebe, the founder of Etan Comics, said both characters were needed for greater representation. He said one of his greatest wishes was to have seen an Ethiopian superhero while growing up. It would have helped him discover himself earlier and make more impact.

Hawi will also be featuring a very special character in the person of the tenth-century ruler, Queen Yodit Gudit, who goes by the Amharic name “Esato” meaning “fire.” This comic is set to bring to memory kingdoms and queendoms that have hitherto been in the country’s past.

You can get Jember from Ethan Comics official website and Hawi can be preordered from the Kickstarter page.

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