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Monday , 21 October 2019

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My beautiful black ancestry is a platform that bridges the gap that exists between black cultures all over the world. We Appreciate and pay homage to black nations, cultures, and traditions through travels u0026amp; tours, entertainment, weddings, blog, and special reconnection programs, we are black-owned, so we stand firm to support black businesses, talents, and achievement, so be sure to check in, because no matter where you are located in the world, we are here for you, to answer every question you have for us, to guide you through all your journey of discovery, recovery and reclaim of your African identity, to serve you diligently is our priority, and  as an entrepreneur, make your brand go international!

My Beautiful Black Ancestry  Special promotions are proud to announce that it promotes special events, products, and services On all our social media platforms in order to gain social media strength and presence for our Entrepreneurs. Our special promotions team strategically come up with all the tools our clients need for the purpose of targeting the right audience through our platforms, which further helps entrepreneurs gain their grounds and excel above their competitors.

We promote top Events, Artists, companies, Designers, Products, brands, Agencies,  Health u0026amp; Wellness,  Beauty u0026amp; Cosmetics Industry, clothing brands, wedding vendors and top Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

furthermore, We help people of the African diaspora make their first and consistent trips to the African continent, which also includes children of African immigrants and people with love for the African continent.  All are welcome, we travel with you and take special care of you all through your stay, so you don’t have to worry about not having someone to guide you through your trip to African countries.

Do enjoy all the fun you find on our blog as it is there to Entertain you and teach you better about the land you love so much and the global black communities.