Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman, the Black Panther’s star has acted his fair share of epic roles, representing historical characters. He is set to play another historic character, Yasuke, the first Japanese samurai of African descent. A story from the sixteenth century.

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Yasuke is a Japanese legend who went to Japan as a slave guiding a Portuguese missionary, during feudal Japan. The missionary in his bid to get the warlord’s favor gifted him Yasuke who then through his valiant act was bestowed with the prestigious status of samurai.

Boseman is happy to be playing this role and like he said it is not just an action film for him, but a cultural event. Yasuke was the first Samurai who is not of Asian descent but he wasn’t the last, there have been many others after him.

The Yasuke script will be written by the co-creator of Narcos ‘Doug Miro’.

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