Thomas Sankara, was born december 21st 1949 and Died october 15th 1987, Sankara who was killed by an armed group with twelve other officials in a coup d’état organized by his former colleague Blaise Compaoré , was a panafricanist, a burkinabe revolutionary and the president of burkina-faso. A known marxist, he was viewed by his people as an iconic figure of revolution, and a charismatic leader.

As an ardent advocate of self-sufficiency and a strong opposition to foreign aid or intervention, Sankara held the conviction that “he who feeds you, controls you”. Today MBBA GLOBAL remembers your greatness, and celebrates the life of an African Hero, We recognize the fight that he fought for his people and the African continent as a whole, His names goes down in history and his ideology is well respected, he was an exemplary Leader, Rest In Power Thomas Sankara.

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