Thursday , 17 October 2019

History and Culture


It has been established after lot of enquires that the renowned Hannibal with name” Chenu bechola Barca” was African and Black. Hannibal was an intelligent warrior of Carthaginan origin whose military prowess and antics is still being taught in western schools to this day.’ History has it that the Carthaginian civilization in present-day Tunisia was founded sometimes around 3422(African era), …

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Harare — Foreign leaders, supporters and ordinary citizens attended the state funeral on Saturday of Zimbabwe’s founder Robert Mugabe showering lot of encomiums, after several disagreement over burial arrangement that threatened to shame his successor President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Robert Mugabe who led Zimbabwe for 37 years, from independence until he was overthrew by the army in November 2017. He died …

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Naming ceremony

One of the very important elements in the African culture is the naming rites performed for a new child. It is believed that the name provides identity and will dictate how he or she would end up in the future. Even the book of Proverbs also says that “a good name is better than riches”. This belief is cherished by …

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The Solomon Islands: The Place And The People

THE PLACE The Solomon Islands is located in the South Pacific on the continent of Oceania. It houses over 992 islands with six (6) of them being large. Interestingly, about six hundred (600) of the islands are void of people. It is home to one of the most peculiar people in the world. Their population is estimated to about 628,913 …

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I consider Africa to be in a league of her own. Her people, culture and habitat are her unique “super powers”. Africa has deep rooted foundations in terms of beliefs, values, norms, culture among other elements. Also, Africans do not take their culture lightly. This is because it is a strong bond that keeps them together and in control. One …

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Caribbean Festivals in July you shouldn’t miss

  Everyone needs a good vacation from time to time. Vacations are perfect for rest, pleasure, or a getaway from everyday routine. The Caribbean offers sceneries that calm the mind and body filling you with experiences that will last a lifetime. Caribbean weather is agreeable to most and a variety of side attractions guaranteed to tickle your fancy. Clear beaches …

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Forgotten Black History comes alive in new BBC Series

Is it conceivable that black people are new to Britain? Or, are there no black people entrenched in British history? Apparently not. Going by the new series we are about to find out more about black people in British history. Black history comes alive in two new BBC online series; Alt History and Black to Life. The clamor for inclusive …

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15 Beautiful African Country flags, their Facts and History

Africa Flag

There are 54 African countries, each having different national symbols that speak volumes about its history, land, and people. Some of these national symbols include Flags, national anthems, coats of arm and so many other ones. Basically, this post will be on some beautiful flags in Africa. Flags, as we know, are more than just pieces of clothing hoisted on …

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African countries with the fastest growing population

Africa, according to world population reports, has the second fastest growing population in the world and Nigeria is topping the list with a population of 201 million. There is a rising concern that Africa will be overcrowded in 2100 at the rate at which its population is growing. The following countries are on the list of the fastest growing population …

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All about the Haitian Plaine du Nord Festival

If you are familiar with Haitian culture then you should have heard about the Plaine du Nord Festival which is held yearly. The festival, which takes place in July, celebrates the Ogou god which is also worshipped in parts of Western Nigeria and the Benin Republic. The name of the festival also doubles as the name of the location where …

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