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African Ancestry Reveal

Four African American Celebrities That Recently Became Citizens Of African Countries

The Year 2019 Witnessed a massive influx of African Americans and people of black descent from all over the world. Into the African Continent. Ghana’s Year Of Return Also contributed to the massive visits to the Motherland. Citizenship was bestowed on black people of African descent. Celebrities of African descent …

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African American Media Personality, Traces Her Ancestry To Ghana/Togo, Finds Ancestral family years After Slavery.

It is indeed the year of return. Mass movements to motherland, ancestry reveals, citizenship conferment. Media personality Elise Preston, the anchor of “Live at Noon” alongside Vince Vitrano and reports for “Live at Daybreak” each weekday morning at TODAY’S TMJ4 recently traced her Ancestry to the West African Countries, Ghana and …

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