Junkanoo Summer Festival Photo Credit: La Bella Vita Bahamas

Everyone needs a good vacation from time to time. Vacations are perfect for rest, pleasure, or a getaway from everyday routine. The Caribbean offers sceneries that calm the mind and body filling you with experiences that will last a lifetime. Caribbean weather is agreeable to most and a variety of side attractions guaranteed to tickle your fancy. Clear beaches with magical skies tumble into the water creating an atmosphere of pure delight. Make every penny count by visiting the Caribbean this summer. Some festivals you can attend with friends and family this July are highlighted.

  1. Reggae Sumfest

Jamaica gives you the largest music festival in the Caribbean between 14th and 24th July in Montenegro Bay. It features a variety of events to showcase the island’s indigenous reggae music event and has been staged annually since 1993. This year, they’ve got Rolling Stone to heat up the festival. During this festival, visitors and tourists are always in abundance and this year is expected to be the grandest still. Whatever you do, (if you are attending) don’t miss the main festival nights on 19 and 20 July at Catharine Hall.

Tickets are available on their website www.reggaesumfest.com

  1. Dominica’s Dive Fest

divefest snorkel hunt in Dominica

Stunning beaches in Dominica welcome you to the Dive Fest Festival organized by the Dominica Watersports Association. Bask in the breathtaking marine environment while enjoying all the activities including scuba diving and underwater treasure hunts. You would also get to see or participate traditional canoe racing, snorkeling picnics, special diving and whale watching.

It runs from July 5th-14, so if you find yourself in Dominican Republic, take in some of the scenery; it promises to be exciting.

To find out more, visit www.domincawatersports.com

  1. Bahamas Junkanoo Summer Festival

Junkanoo Summer Festival Photo Credit: La Bella Vita Bahamas

Every Saturday in July from 4 -11 pm is dedicated to the culture packed Junkanoo Summer Festival. The festival features a parade of choreograph dancing, music, costume and a beachside concert. Top Bahamian entertainers will perform and ample traditional delicacies and beverages plentiful. A featuring kiddies corner makes it suitable for family vacation.

For more information and reservations, contact the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Nassau on Ph. 242-302-2000.

  1. Antigua Carnival

By now, the Mango festival is over and a cultural fiesta delves into the culture of the Antiguan peoples. A colorful and energetic display of deep cultural roots is on display with music and parades throughout the day and night. Running from 26 July to 6 August, many regard carnival as the Caribbean’s greatest summer festival. Party lovers are always welcome to partake of this jivy and colorful festival.

To find out more, visit http://www.antiguacarnival.com

  1. Monserrat Calabash Festival

Local artisans and designers in Antigua will showcase their talents during this week-long summer event. The festival derives its name from the traditional calabash which is used to craft a range of artifacts; including eating utensils, musical instruments and decorative items. Running from 14-21 July, the calabash festival hosts a craft and food fair, African fashion show, family fun day and even hiking. Also on schedule are coastal excursions to the old capital city Plymouth.

To find out more about the Calabash Festival of the Antiguans, visit http://www.monserrat.com

  1. St. Eustatius’ Carnival Calling

You really don’t want to miss the electrifying Carnival Calling in St. Eustatius. The guitar-shaped Caribbean island is famous for lighting everything up with feisty music. A wide array of the best artists and artistes will run the shows and festivities for two explosive summer weeks. Running through the 17th to 29th of July, enjoy one of the best festivals in the Caribbean.

Visit  www.statia-tourism.com for more

  1. Nevis Culturama Festival

Nevis Culturama Festival Photo Credit: Fetebookit

This event holds between 26th July and 6th August, coinciding with the island’s celebration of the Emancipation Day. Culturama Festival is loaded with dancing and drama, displays, folk singing and arts and craft. Old fashion troupes, like; Giant and Spear, Bulls, Johnny Walkers, Red Cross, Blue ribbon, among others. In addition, lovers of food, and fashion will get their full with the Miss Culture Show and Calypso Competition.

Visit https://www.culturamanevis.com/ for more

  1. St. Lucia Carnival

St. Lucia has this premier carnival between the summer months of June to July. St. Lucia carnival is perfect for those who never attended a carnival before. Here, there is promise of pomp and glamour; especially during the two-day parade of bands costumed with feathers and bright colored apparel through the city. Partake of the finale running through 12th-16th July.

Visit www.stlucia.org for more

  1. Sint Maarten Carnival

Simply put, “a weekend of fun” between 26-29 July awaits you in Sint Maarten. Top and veteran DJs, local and international artists blending Soca Music and Dancehall in a series of demystifying parties. It promises to be four days of fun on two islands with rum and rumba at night club and beach parties.



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