May 8 saw boxing greats walk the black carpet in honor of arguably the greatest boxer to fight in the ring, Muhammad Ali. It was indeed an amazing and inspirational sight last Wednesday at the LA Regal cinema as the legends trooped out for the screening of the movie, “What’s My Name Muhammad Ali.”

Some of the figures present at the event were Oscar De La Hoya, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Sugar Shane Mosley. They all spoke to EURweb about the impact of late boxer on their careers and personal lives. Check out what they said below:

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De La Hoya said, “When he tackled a situation, whether it was politically driven, whether it was defending humanity, he never quit in the middle, he fought it through until the end.”

Shane Mosley praised Ali by saying, “He has inspired me a lot throughout my career by just being who he was. He represented so much strength within himself. He was the type of person that believes in himself all the way to the end, even when people doubted him.”

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The documentary produced on the HBO platform is made of two parts directed by Antoine Faqua. The executive producers of this project are Maverick Carter and LeBron James Springhill Entertainment.

Faqua said it took him up to four years to gather all the audio and video footages to ensure that the story was told by the legend himself. He said, “Lonnie Ali helped us a lot. The family helped us a lot. But it was hard to find it and dig it up and audio as well. But about certain subjects, I wanted to cover. So you know I was editing, hoping I would find footage coverage about him talking about that moment.”

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