We all love to see beautiful pictures of fine women in their glamorous dresses all lined up in support of their friend. Brides and Bridesmaids seem to be a perfect pair as they come like a set in a pack.

Are Bridesmaids A Necessity?

Bridesmaids in the present day make the most style statements but are they really necessary at a “white“ wedding?

As a bride, your wedding day must be the perfect day from getting the perfect wedding dress, to the perfect shoes, the perfect wedding ring, the perfect wedding venue even marrying the perfect husband ( Perfection everywhere!) and lastly the bridal train.

Are Bridesmaids A Necessity?

Brides go through a lot in preparing for their big day and they usually rely on their friends for all the support they need.

A bridesmaid is young woman either a close friend or sister of the bride and she attends to the bride on her wedding day. But nowadays having bridesmaids on your wedding day feels like an addition to the ‘Perfection”, some brides are taking it to another level, some even hire bridesmaids because they want specifications on how they want the bridal train and bridal party to look like.

Are Bridesmaids A Necessity?

Bridesmaids help in organizing the bridal shower, They add glamour to the bridal entourage and also color and style to the wedding day, but can a wedding hold successfully without Bridesmaids?

Now there’s nothing wrong in bringing personal class, glamour etc on your big day, however, sometimes it becomes an additional financial budget both on the bride and the bridesmaids.

Are Bridesmaids A Necessity?

More over, all the celebrations last only for a few hours (not even for 24 hours!) and in extreme cases, it feels like the shine is taken away from the bride, especially when the bridesmaids go all out, and outshine the bride who is meant to be the main subject.

What do you think? Are bridesmaids really necessary?

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