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About Us

My Beautiful Black Ancestry (MBBA GLOBAL) Global is a platform that bridges the gap which exists between black cultures globally through News, Travel, wedding, Media, Tv, and Shop. We Appreciate and pay homage to black nations, cultures, and traditions through travels u0026amp; tours around Africa and the African diaspora nations, promote black Entertainment on our Tv and Media Platforms, update daily news and articles on our blog, Organize African inspired weddings specially tailored for our clients and Manage an online go to shop for all trendy and cultural products from black wholesalers and retailers globally. We organize special ancestry reconnection guide for our clients, As a Black-owned platform, we strongly support black Entrepreneurs and business owners.

Touched by the history of slavery and its tremendous negative effect and impact on the image of the people of African descent and how they view themselves globally, we recognize the physical and psychological damage the negative media depiction of  black people has resulted to and these depictions are the reason why the black race has been viewed differently in an unpleasant way. We understand the challenges, and struggles that people of the black race  face globally in their daily lives and their desire to be accepted and respected by other races as it should be, We know that from times past the black history has been written and re-written severally, people have different views, stories and versions of the black history but the true fact remains that the black history did not begin with slavery but rather as free citizens of their lands with Royalty in their bloodline, beautiful, strong, cultural, creative and innovative people. We Embark on a journey to tell our own side of the African story, See Africa and its global diaspora from our lense as we expedition into discovery, recovery and reclaiming of our true identity.

Is to unite black communities all over the world by bringing together black people from different backgrounds through our online community, change the negative stereotypes about mother Africa, Educate people about black heritage, culture and traditions, HELP our brothers and sisters whose ancestors were stripped off their rights to their culture , tradition and true identity during the times of slavery by the slave owners. We join them in their quest and journey to unlock the mystery of their ancestral roots, discover, reconnect and reclaim their rights to their roots, we walk through every step of their journey with them to recover their rights and re-identify themselves which includes all processes of reclaiming the rights to their identity.

Is to bridge the gap that exists between black people, build a positive image for the black race by Showing the positive side the mainstream media never shows. This initiative is intended to correct the negative stereotypes surrounding Africa as a continent and all its descendants, By presenting the African beauty in every form, we are determined to bring back love, peace, and unity between people of the black race and help recover the dignity, pride and self-love we’ve lost through the inhuman act of slavery and wrong media depictions.

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