Getting over a man that meant so much to us, at a certain time of our life is one of the hardest things to do. Different things can cause separation or break up and sometimes the pain from the break up from the man we love(d) with the whole of our heart can create a scar in our psyche, and healing from the pain of separation can take years to finally happen.

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This article is a simple quick, inexpensive guide to getting over that man that has made you unable to maintain another relationship or move on from the pain. We shall be referring to that man as a “captor”, as he is still holding you captive, each of these guides have been tested and trusted to set you free from your “Captor”.

Break The Rules

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Are there any rules that bound you during that relationship? Did he stop you from going clubbing? Wearing makeup? Wearing certain outfits? First thing you should do in order to gain your power and break free from that man that has remained your captor, is to do every single thing he had prevented you from doing. Break all his rules and you would lose his grip on you.

What do you think a prisoner does when he gets out of prison?

Allow Yourself To Be Pampered

There is an age long adage, that says; “The best way to get over a man, is to get under another”. Allow yourself to enjoy attention from other men, go on dates, get pampered, take your attention off your captor and allow yourself to entertain another man or men, until you find the right replacement. Do not give your captor power over you!

Talk About It

Unburden! Unburden!! Unburden!!!. Don’t bottle up misery, talk about it, see a therapist, write a book, share your experience, exposing the pain you are going through is one way to let it out. You need to realize that, your captor is enjoying his life out there and you need to enjoy yours too.

Love Yourself 

This cannot be overemphasized, loving yourself may sound over flogged or cliche, but sis, you need to love yourself. Meditate, go shopping, eat your favorite food, visit the hair and nail salon, sign up at a gym, go jogging, pay attention to your physical looks, travel, look good sis! Make yourself happy, quit crying over spilt milk and grab the bull of happiness by the horns and free yourself.

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