Emeka Nelson
Emeka Nelson

Emeka Nelson, the 26 year-old genius from Nigeria has become a trailblazer with the arrival of his amazing invention – an electric generator that runs on WATER!!

With no educational background in engineering field, this “whiz-kid” has proven yet again that anything is possible once you set your mind on it.

Emeka Nelson revealed the news of his latest creation, a 1kva (1000 watts) portable hydroelectric generator on Twitter. It is also interesting to know that this innovation is not his only achievement so far.

Emeka Nelson
Image of the machine that converts waste to petrol and diesel

Emeka has also designed a machine that converts waste into petrol and diesel. In addition the machine can also convert waste into tiles and roofing sheets.The engine is as portable as his latest innovation – the hydroelectric generator.

Nelson disclosed his astonishment at how he was able to pull off the whole project.

“I’m still wondering if I actually did this. So I just believed inside of me that it is possible; I can get it done, I’m almost there. That’s what has kept me going. Each day I see those generators, they are still there. So I just wanted an answer that I needed to do something”, he says.

Hydroelectric generator

The hydroelectric generator has a maximum capacity of 1000 watts and the voltage fluctuations range from 220 to 240. This was stated by Emeka Nelson in an interview with BBC.

Emeka Nelson

The generator can make use of 1 litre of hygienic water to generate power for atime frame of six hours.
In recent times, Emeka has received numerous awards for his mind-blowing inventions, skills and accomplishments.


Emeka Nelson has definitely defied all odds with this great innovation. Although, the project is still under observation to test for any side effects.

If all goes well and the machine is confirmed for usage, it would solve a lot of power problems in various parts of the world. Kudos to a genius mind!!!

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