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Monday , 21 October 2019

Tracee Ellis Ross has released a new haircare line, PATTERN, for curly women


Where are my “curlistas” at???!!! This one’s for you!!! Tracee Ellis Ross is officially launching her new haircare brand called PATTERN, for curly, coil and tight textured hair.

The new hair care line will cater for women with curly patterns from 3b to 4c.

The Black-ish star revealed the news in an Instagram post on Tuesday morning. According to Tracee, she had nutured this dream for almost twenty years and wrote her first brand pitch in 2008. She is thrilled to see her dreams come true after 2 years of working with the chemists.

The product line will be launched on the 9th of September, 2019 and the Curly beauty has already commenced the countdown.
PATTERN’s complete kit

The haircare line will comprise of one shampoo, one leave-in conditioner, three conditioners, hair oils, a travel-size set, wash day accessories, micro-fiber hair towel, in-shower hairbrush and a hair clip. Goodness!! That’s a whole package!!

The products will be sold at affordable prices between $9 to $42, “because everyone should have access to their most beautiful hair in their own shower”, Tracee says.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Also, in an interview with WWD, the award-winning actress, stated that she had the capacity to chronicle her journey with self-acceptance through the journey with her hair.
Beauty can be an aesthetics conversation, but the truth is for people of colour…beauty and how we express it and our hair and how it defies gravity can be political as well. The culture of beauty has been so steeped into patriarchy, racism and sexism for so long”, Ellis says.

PATTERN is about products made by and for us. And it’s about creating a space for a community that exists, to celebrate our beauty and magic”, she adds. Hair power!!!!!


The haircare beauty products will be sold exclusively on After two weeks, the product line will be available for sale at Ulta Beauty stores across the United States.

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